Ways To Keep Your Time Clock Software Application Secure

Timeclock software immediately, accurately, and impartially documents every employee start and stop time This implies the time clock program communicates directly with your computer’s os clock by making use of the time and day control functions currently constructed into your computer in order to videotape the real-time strikes of each employee. You will intend to make certain your employee computer time clocks have been effectively configuration to ensure your time clock data is secure and accurate. This short article will reveal you exactly how to avoid employees from transforming the computer system’s clock to manipulate their start and quit times.

Given that the punch clock program utilizes the time from your computer’s clock to record timecard entrances, there are a number of steps you can take to avoid damaging the moment.

Payroll Time Clocks

Restrict accessibility to the operating system time.

An easy means to prevent workers from tampering with the computer clock is to limit accessibility to transforming the clock settings.

To avoid modifications to the computer system clock on Mac OS X:

  • From the Apple food selection, choose System Preferences.
  • In the System area, click Date & Time.
  • Click the Date & Time tab.
  • Click the open lock symbol to protect the Date & Time choice pane.

Now you should authenticate with an administrator name and password in order to unlock the safe choice pane, also if you are presently logged in under an administrator account.

To prevent adjustments to the computer clock on Windows XP:

There is not a method to lock the Date and Time control panel if you are visited under a computer system manager account. Limited accounts are not able to modify the system time.

To stop modifications to the computer clock on Windows Vista and Windows 7:

There is not a way to lock the Date and Time control panel if you are visited under a computer manager account. If Customer Account Control (UAC) is turned on and you are utilizing a conventional account, you will require to give the manager password in the Customer Account Control credential motivate to change the clock settings. If UAC is turned off on Vista or readied to ‘Never ever alert me’ on Windows 7, basic accounts are unable to alter the system time but they can still transform the moment zone.

Use a networked time clock remedy

An additional way to secure your employee time clock application is to get rid of the result that altering the regional system time has on your employee’s timecard access. This can be achieved using a server-client setup based time and participation system. This is generally reliable due to the fact that the moment clock web server computer supplies the timestamp for all timecard access. Controlling the system time on the time clock customer computer systems has no influence on the actual time that is tape-recorded.